Call for tenders


The analysis of the specifications, the drafting of the documents of the tender and the follow-up of the procedure within the framework of an international invitation to tender are tasks which often discourage the exporter because of their complexity.

The Experts of ADEL FORMATION deal with the complete management of the tender file since its initial study until the possible negotiation of the contract:

  • Analysis of the file and recommendations to the customer on the various key points (incurred risks, payment security, legal implications…),
  • Drafting of the documents of the tender in accordance with the terms of the invitation to tender,
  • Analysis of the financial conditions and in particular of the bank guarantees (market sureties) to be set up by the exporter and recommendations to the customer,
  • Financing search (buyer’s credit, supplier’s credit, forfaiting, credit lines…) to finance the manufacturing of the products,
  • Set up and follow-up of the guarantees (bonds) until their release,
  • Search and set up of the adequate credit insurance coverage for the covering of the various risks (risk of non-payment, risk of interruption of the contract…),
  • Set-up of the currency risk coverage,
  • Negotiation of the contract with the client in the event of successful bid,

The intervention of our Experts will enable you to control the different risks and to make substantial savings:

  • Of time, by avoiding you mobilizing internal resources which will enable you to concentrate on the technical aspects of the contract,
  • Of money, by avoiding the overcosts with invitation to tenders badly controlled (financial costs involving market sureties or unsuited payment guarantees, bad interpretation of the terms of the invitation to tender…).
David ROMERA (Admin)Call for tenders