Scope of intervention


Too many managers are alone to manage the documentary aspects of their international contracts.

Our documentary credit Experts, take charge of:

  • The definition and the analysis of your needs for the set-up of your import or export documentary credits,
  • The checking and corrections of all your documents and those of your providers (bill of lading, certificates of origin, health certificates, certificates of inspection… etc). The statistics show that in approximately 70% of the cases, the documents presented by the exporters contain discrepancies!
  • The reduction of the bank charges and the financial costs of your bank operations (approximately 10 to 20% as the case may be)) and the payment of the funds.


Thanks to the assistance of ADEL FORMATION, the manager will be able to answer in an efficient way, the following problems:

At the time of the negotiation of the contract

  • Which choice to operate between a documentary collection, a documentary credit or a standby L/C?
  • How to finance the purchase of raw materials for the launching of the manufacturing? Which securities to propose to the issuing banker?
  • How to make safe the good execution of the contract and the payment of the operation? How to make safe the down payments paid to the suppliers?

At the time of the documentary credit issuance

  • Which documents to negotiate in order to avoid incompatibilities and to guarantee the successful execution of the operation according to the Incoterm used?
  • How to limit the expenses and to respect the banking practices which govern the documentary credits (ISBP)?

At the time of the payment of the credit

  • How to be certain that the documents are in conformity with credit terms and conditions and to avoid the reserves of the bank?
  • What to do in the event of reserves of the banker?

ADEL FORMATION can intervene on these questions and more generally on all the aspects of the payment documentary techniques (letters of credit, standby L/C, bank guarantees…).

David ROMERA (Admin)Scope of intervention