Transferable L/C assistance


The set-up of a trading operation is always a delicate task, because requiring the negotiation of a double contract of purchase and resale and sometimes also the negotiation of a contract of carriage, or a chartering contract.

On the financial level, the set-up of a trading operation implies, in general, the set-up of subsidiary credits (“transferable” credit or “back-to-back”)

These techniques of payment are rather complex and require a synchronized negotiation of the contract of purchase and resale with an anticipation of the chronology of the different operations which will be carried out. This kind of operation is generally the fact of experienced exporters well trained in the documentary techniques of payment of the international trade.

The Experts of ADEL FORMATION take complete charge, for you, of the set-up of this type of operations since the negotiation of the commercial contracts until the presentation of the documents to the bank and the payment of your company.

David ROMERA (Admin)Transferable L/C assistance