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ADEL FORMATION is designed to both:

  • provide training fitted to your company’s issues. We will host made-to-measure training seminars, oriented according to your goals, scheduled at your convenience, and adapted to your collaborators’ needs. These trainings will bring concrete operational solutions, easily transferable to your everyday operations to your interrogations, even after training period.
  • offer personalized follow-up, from building your training program to its evaluation. Reactivity, professionalism and availability on our consultants’ part will guarantee a precise answer to your interrogations, even after training period.

ADEL FORMATION is committed to allowing you to:

  • minimize your training budget, thanks to made-to-measure trainings, hosted by experts for a price inferior to similar inter-company tranings;
  • benefit from all technical and regulatory evolutions concerning international trade;
  • provide your collaborators training within the company which:
    • reflects the “best practices” that are actually used on the spot;
    • updates technical knowledge;
    • helps to acquire new reflexes;
    • facilitates implementation of new procedures;
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