Scope of intervention

Freight Business

ADEL FORMATION’s expertise spans issues classically raised by procedures of international trade (payment, funding/financing, risk management, legal aspects, international marketing, and transportation), detailed below.

In the framework of technical assistance, our experts assist or completely take in charge your import-export procedures.

Our intervention allows your company substantial savings:

in terms of time for procedures thanks to an optimized management

in terms of personnel, since no company can afford to employ full-time all the specialists whose expertise is necessary to the global management of an international operation

in terms of expenses: mastery of techniques and procedures on part of our experts avoids:

  • additional costs (demurrage) related to international transportation
  • contractual penalties entailed by poorly managed contract or transportation
  • insufficiently planned financial fees/charges (reduction of about 10 to 20 %)
  • risks of non-payment resulting from unsuited means of payment

It also allows it to preserve and strengthen its brand image: strict respect of contractual obligations and deadlines is a powerful way of earning credibility from suppliers or clients.

Payment and bank guarantees

  • Documentary credit, documentary collection,
  • “Transferable” credit, “back-to-back”,
  • Standby L/C,
  • First demand guarantee,
  • Market sureties: performance bond, down payment guarantee, retention money guarantee…


  • Terms and conditions of the sale, choice of the method of payment,
  • Choice of the Incoterms,
  • Entry into force of the contracts,
  • Transfer of ownership,
  • Search of suppliers or partners,

Invitation to tenders

  • Analysis of the tender file (estimation of the risks and analysis of the financial, logistic and technical implications),
  • Drafting of the bid and set-up of the market surities,
  • Coverage of the different risks (credit-insurance, currency risk…),

Financings and payment risks

  • Search of public and private financings,
  • Coverage of the currency risk,
  • Search of a financing solution or to cover the risk of non-payment (buyer’s credit, forfaiting, factoring, credit-insurance, confirmation, counter-guarantee),
  • Management of the outstanding credits and of the financial risks,
  • Banking exposure, bank rating et ranking,

Transport and logistics 

  • Development and set-up of transport solution,
  • Search of regulatory and customs information,
  • Chartering of vessels,
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