ADEL FORMATION is a consulting group specialized in the international trade.

Our consultants assist and advise you according to your needs on all the aspects below:


The vocation of is to assist the companies in particular to ensure the operational achievement of the following tasks:

  • To manage of A to Z and to make safe procedures in import/export operations
  • To secure payment conditions (L/C, banking guarantee, L/C standby…)
  • To train staffs in import/export techniques
  • To prepare market studies and plane business plans at the international level
  • To prepare strategic plannings of development at the international one,
  • To implement an international prospecting and the follow-up of the customers abroad
  • To seek partners within the framework of international projects
  • To organize the opening of subsidiaries and offices abroad
  • To seek and set up solutions of transport


Ange CUBEDDU, Graduate of the IAE of Paris and the CNAM, has practiced simultaneously for more than 20 years as an expert of international trade and as a consultant and a trainer, as well at University as within the framework of vocational training.

He is specialized in the setting up of trading operations and in technical aspects of international trade:

  • International payments
  • Documentary credit
  • Bank guarantees
  • Incoterms
  • International financings

His multidisciplinary approach enables him to be consulted by company managers in both consulting and training.

His knowledge “to transmit” enables him to train important groups of employees and to make sure of the application of its recommendations.


We have a high level of technical expertise based on our multisector experience and competences in international trade.

We intervene in particular on the technical aspects of the international trade (contract, payment, transport, customs, financing…), but also within the framework of the marketing and commercial aspects (market study, International business plan, international prospecting…).

Our vocation is to assist you or to take complete charge of some of the operational achievement of various procedures, some of which are below:

  • Outsourced management of documentary credits (traditional L/C, standby L/C …)
  • Drafting of tenders within the framework of international invitations to tender
  • Set-up of trading operations (transferable L/C, back-to-back)
  • Set-up of solutions of transport (containerized transport, chartering of vessels…)
  • Market studies and business plan at an international level
  • Set-up of an international prospecting
  • Seeking of export financings export or a credit insurance
  • Seeking of suppliers or partners on an international level

Our intervention will, in particular, enable you to make substantial savings in terms of bank charges and financial cost (between 10 and 20%) on the payment and financing procedures (L/C, credit insurance, market sureties…), while maximizing the security of your operations.

Most our services are eligible with the various export assistances

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