Bank guarantee assistance



In our current context of globalisation where competition is very hard, one witnesses an increasing complexification of the industrial contracts with in backdrop the contractual relations impressed of mistrust.

In this context, It is not rare that the exporter is obliged to set up different market sureties (bank guarantees) in particular within the framework of the international invitations to tender, in order to guarantee its pre-contractual or contractual obligations:

  • Bid bond
  • advance payment guarantee
  • Performance bond
  • Retention money guarantee
  • Garantee for owerdraft facility
  • Etc.


The L/C standby is a secure technique of payment which offers many advantages for the exporter and the importer (flexibility, cost cutting, simplicity…), in particular in the event of revolving operations.

In addition the L/C standby is a dual instrument insofar as it can be used not only like a guarantee of payment, but also like a market surety.

The Experts of ADEL FORMATION can train, assist you or take completely in charge the set-up and the follow-up of your bank guarantees and standby L/Cs

David ROMERA (Admin)Bank guarantee assistance