Export L/C assistance

381Simplify the management of your export documentary credits!


ADEL FORMATION assists you in all the procedure of the export documentary credit. This assistance will intervene in the following way:

After signing of the assistance contract, you send us your documentary credit by e-mail or by fax.

Stage 1: Analysis and recommendations on your documentary credit

After receipt, we send you by e-mail, our detailed comments, and recommendations for a good functioning of the procedure with your supplier and in accordance with the UCP 600.

Stage 2: After execution of the contract, we take in charge the procedure until the payment of the credit

Preparation or correction of your documents (invoice, packing list, B/L…) in an electronic form (documents addressed by e-mail)

Contacts with the concerned operators, on your behalf and in perfect transparency:

  • Carrier: organisation of the transport and preparation of the transport documents in accordance with the terms of the credit
  • Chambers of commerce, Inspectors, insurers…: we address the instructions to the various operators in order to prepare the documents in strict conformity with credit terms and conditions

At the time of payment of the credit, we take completely in charge your file near the nominated bank.

In any case, we ensure, of course, the perfect confidentiality of the documents or data which will be communicated to us.

This service will enable you to ensure the smooth functioning of your documentary credits, while avoiding supporting overcosts or bank charges very heavy in the event of discrepancies:

  • Overcosts (demurrages) related to international transport,
  • Contractual penalties resulting from a delay of delivery,
  • Unforeseen financial expenses,
  • Financial risks resulting from unsuited means of payment,
  • Bank charges for irregular documents (discrepancies fees),
David ROMERA (Admin)Export L/C assistance