Import L/C assistance


ADEL FORMATION assist you to draft your import credits.

After signing of an asisistance contract, you send us by email or by fax the proforma invoice or the contract signed with your supplier.

We take charge, as soon as possible, of the drafting of your import documentary credit that will be sent to your banker.

We ensure, of course, the confidentiality of the documents and information which will be communicated to us.

  • Documentary credit opened in conformity with the contract terms and conditions
  • A wording carrefuly studied to avoid any contradiction or ambiguity
  • Avoid later discussions with the suppliers for possible amendments
  • Avoid possible delay in the execution of the contract on the supplier’s side
  • Our asistance will enable you to obtain advances to launch your manufacturing and finance your purchases in raw materials
  • Reduction of the bank charges and financial costs thanks to our experience with the banks in the documentary credits departments
David ROMERA (Admin)Import L/C assistance